Some news before Xmas

Some news before Xmas

Some news before Xmas

We have two classes to wrap up a fantastic aerial yoga year with you this week! Only one spot is left at this Thursday's class at 7 pm, and more are available on Saturday at 4 pm.


We have been working hard to prepare something new for 2023. We are growing with you and listening to all your feedback,

Our new schedule is up on the web until April. Check out what we have prepared up there for you.

New things:

We have gift vouchers for aerial yoga classes available on our website. Now, if you would like to gift an aerial yoga class, pick the one you prefer, and we will do the rest!

We will be hosting two aerial yoga workshops . We know that sometimes 1-hour class seems too short, so we have organised these 2.5 hours aerial yoga workshops for a limited number of students. In these workshops, we will deepen a bit more into aerial yoga and where we will also have the time to practise a different type of aerial yoga, restorative aerial yoga.

The first workshop is in January, and the second one is in April. Tickets are available online now.

We have a Snow Full Moon Holistic Workshop: Expression and Reflexion, on 5th of February at 12 pm.

This moon is the year's second full moon, and it strongly resonates with me. It is only a few days before my birthday, and as a fellow Aquarian, this Aquarius Moon in Leo will be wild! This workshop will relate to this full moon and its effects on us, mainly working in our throat chakra.

We will have a 3 hours workshop with Aerial yoga, Full moon flow yoga, Restorative yoga, and Meditation.

Treats veganos will provide vegan snacks during the workshop.

Places are limited, and early bird tickets are available online.

We are selling a limited edition of a yoga T-shirt we have designed. Those T-shirts are in our Shop. Please note that you will follow a link to a different page to purchase the T-shirts.

And more surprises on the go, but for now, this is all that we can share with you.

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