I hear you T-shirt

I hear you T-shirt

I hear you T-shirt

Limited edition T-shirts created by Azahara.

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We are all humans and deserve to be taken into consideration.

Something I have come across lately (and I will include myself here) is a general need to be heard. I came across a few videos in Tiktok the other day: A person was approaching some homeless people asking them what was a good day for them or what they wanted (money, food, or anything else). Their response was they wanted somebody asking them how they were doing and showing interest in them.

As a yoga teacher, I participate in workshops, am in contact with many people, and have noticed the need to be heard in people who have thriving and whole lives. Nowadays, there is this tendency to focus on oneself, and that makes us forget about others, and also, others forget about ourselves. And because of that, there is this increased sense of loneliness in many people. We can change somebody's day, even life, without consciously acknowledging it. This campaign is a message for everyone, reminding them that we see and hear them and are important.

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