I have never done aerial yoga before. Can I join your class?

Our classes are open to all levels, everyone is welcome.

Do I have to bring my own aerial yoga hammock to the class?

We provide aerial yoga hammocks.

How do you book a class?

You can book on our website or contact us to book direclty with us. After your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation email with all the details of your booking.

I cannot book the special offer. How can I book it?

To book the special offer, contact us.

What if I cannot come to a class I have booked, can I rebook it?

Our refund and rebook policy is on our website.

Classes can be rebooked if contacted 72 hours before the class. Unfortunately, we are unable to rebook you to another class if you let us know in less than 72 hours. Classes are very unique and small, for only 10 students, that is why booking in advance is required.

If you are feeling unwell or something major has happened, rebooking within 72 hours of the class is possible.

I am getting late to my class and you say attendance is not allowed if late. Can you rebook me for another day?

Unfortunately, if you are getting late rebooking you to another class is not possible. Please take as much time as needed for attending the class with enough time in advance to get to the class at least 10-5 minutes before the starting time.

We always start our classes with health and safety issues and it is mandatory all students are aware of those.

In your booking confirmation email you have the details of how to get to our location, please check those details carefully.

Are there any weight or age restrictions to the classes?

There are not any weight restrictions. Classes are for adults only unless otherwise specified.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, we offer private classes either individual or group classes. Contact us for more info.

Can I buy a class for my friend as a gift?

Yes, you can buy a class as a gift for your friend. Contact us and we will provide you with a gift pass to send to your friend and all the information needed for your friend to book the class.

Are there showers in the studio?

No, there are no showers at the studio.

I couldn't attend the class I booked because I was sick. Can I get a refund?

If you couldn't make it to the class because you were sick, and you let us know at least 2 hours before the class started, we will offer to book you into another date. No refunds are given.

You had to reschedule the class I booked. Can I get a refund?

Classes may be cancelled by the management, teachers may be substituted or removed, class times may be altered or the days on which they operate may change. No refunds are given because of timetable changes. Wer will offer an alternative date for your booking.

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