COVID19 studio policy

COVID19 studio policy

COVID19 studio policy
Group Aerial Yoga

he rules and regulations around best studio practice are still
changing daily and we’re working hard to deliver the best quality
classes we can under difficult circumstances. Needless to say, your health and safety will always come first at Hackney Aerial Yoga.
It goes without saying that if you’re feeling unwell or have been in contact with anyone who is showing symptoms of COVID please do not come to class. Stay home, jump on one of our online classes and come back to see us when you’re well again.


What we’re doing in studio

Whilst we're aiming to deliver a 'normal' aerial class, there's a bunch of measures we're putting in place to keep each
other safe. Things like reduced class sizes mean you get the equipment to yourself, so enjoy it whilst it lasts! 


We’ve reduced class sizes and the timetable by
50% to avoid congestion and to allow time between classes to ventilate the studio.


We’ve a new booking system for classes. All classes need to be booked in advance. 


Our aerial equipment and touch hotspots will be regularly cleaned with disinfectant wipes throughout the day.   



Blocks, foam rollers, yoga blocks, have been removed from use.  


The studio windows will be open during the class to allow a better ventilation.  



Please regularly use the hand sanitiser that is available at the studio.    


All rigging will be undertaken by the teachers prior to the class. Hand sanitiser is applied before and after any rigging takes place.  

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Hackney and Surrey Quays

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